Study MBBS in Russia and Philippines

Study MBBS Abroad

+ Get Admission in Russia, Philippines, China, Kyrgyzstan & More...

+ Tuition Fee Starting From USD 2,100 i.e. INR 01.40 Lac/Year.

+ Package Starts at USD 16,000 i.e INR 10.64 Lac /Year.

+ English Medium, MCI Approved and Direct Admission.



MBBS From Russia

+ Tuition Fees Starts at USD 3,600 per year i.e INR 02.40 Lac /Year with Hostel.

+ Global Degree recognized (India, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Europe.)

+ MCI/WHO Recognize.

+ Indian Food Available.

MBBS From Philippines

+ First year tuition Fees @ Pesos 3 lac i.e Rs 04.35 Lac.

+ English is the Official Language of the Philippines.

+ Philippines sends 2nd largest number of Doctors to USA.

+ The Medical Degree and the Medical Schools arerecognized by WHO, MCI, USMLE ,
Medical Board of California (USA), General Medical Council - UK etc.

MBBS From Kyrgyzstan

+ Tuition Fees Starts at U$D 2,100 per year i.e INR 01.40 Lac /Year.

+ Direct Admission & No donation.

+ MCI/WHO Listed Medical College.

+ English Medium.



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