Medicine Specialization in Germany

  • Medicine Specialization in Germany

Benefits of Medicine Specialization in Germany:
  • + Earn Salary between 2000-3000 EURO per month during Specialization Training.
  • + Immediate access to European Union (EU) Blue Card.
  • + Permanent Residence Permit after 2 years of specialization.
  • + Get world´s Top reputed Specialized doctor title - ´Facharzt´.

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  • Medical Doctor with MBBS/MD/MS qualification.

Time Duration

The length of residency varies from 3 - 6 years depending on the residency or area of Specialization

Application Date

One can embark on residency anytime. The main requirement is the knowledge of German language at the necessary level

Specialization Available

Medicine Cardiology Neurology Surgery (all Branches)
Geriartics Gastroenterology Endocrinology Nephrology

PSP Professional

PSP Professional M is a one year prepara-tion program at FHM University. It is designed for academically qualified for Medical Doctors:

  • + Who intend to study medical programs in Germany
  • + Who are in need of advanced professional medical language (TELC)
Our PSP Professional M program is of-fered by the FHM Campus in Schwerin. It aims at all those who are planning a medi-cal academic career in Germany and already hold a Bachelor degree in medical studies.


  • + German language C1 level
  • + Healthcare Training
  • + Professional language Training (medical)
  • + Job application Training
  • + Hospital Simulations & Excursion


  • + Your gateway to a master program in various medical studies in Germany
  • + Excellent preparation for the DSH examinations
  • + Social and business related network of the FHM

Housing Options

  • + Student housing included
  • + Own housing if required

Fachhochschule des Mittelstands (FHM)

Fachhochschule des Mittelstands (FHM) is a private, non-profit and state-approved University of Applied Sciences. FHM has been founded in 2000 by medium-sized en-terprises and educational institutions. Since then it has developed into one of the most successful private universities in Germany and established itself as a reliable partner of medium-sized enterprises.

FHM’s goal is to provide students with necessary theoretical and hands-on skills for their later business career. The FHM educates young, talented managerial candidates. At present there are more than 4.200 students studying at the FHM on several degree programmes with an individual study organization in small elite learning groups up to 20 students.

Detailed Information

+ Study Location: Schwerin, Berlin
+ Start of the term: March / October
+ Courses: Major: German language, Medical terminology, Medical language Job application Training
+ Program duration: 12 months + Application Deadline: No deadlines

Fee Includes

+ Admission fee
+ Tuition fee
+ Examination fee
+ Cultural programs
+ Support and assistance
+ Excursions

Documents Checklist

+ Copy of your medical University degree
+ Officially certified translation of your original certificates in German or English
+ Proof of sufficient German language proficiency (A1 level) and IELTS
+ Short CV
+ Application form
+ Copy of Passport

How to apply?

+ Complete the application form and send the required documents to us
+ Skype-interview
+ Wait for our International Office to verify your documents
+ Applicants receive the admission acceptance form, sign it and send back to FHM University via email
+ Open blocked bank account in Germany
+ Transfer fees
+ you will receive the original admission
+ Apply for visa
+ Pack your bags and come to Schwerin or Berlin